Our 2021 Benefit Report

As a social impact PR agency that is a registered Benefit Company, we are held accountable for assessing our company’s performance against a third-party standard. Yulu assesses its impact through B Lab’s B Impact Assessment, and this year we were proud to not only re-certify as a B Corporation, but to increase our overall B Impact Score to 89.5 points.

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A year in the life of a social impact PR agency

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Audible Indigenous Writer's Circle – Cultural & Societal Benefit

Yulu worked with Audible to launch its inaugural Indigenous Writers Circle, supporting 15 emerging Indigenous writers in elevating their craft through mentorship and educational workshops. Several of these emerging writers have received publishing deals and we are very excited to read their future work.

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The Body Shop – Economic Development

Yulu led The Body Shop North America’s activism team through an extensive discovery process to help the company build on the brand's powerful changemaking legacy, and more effectively identify and execute its activism today.

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UNICEF Canada – Global Relief

Yulu was engaged by UNICEF Canada to support its goal of raising $10M to support the largest immunization program in history. Yulu conceptualized '#ShareTheHealth', a fundraising campaign calling on business and philanthropic leaders across Canada to fund solutions to some of the healthcare inequities laid bare by the pandemic, ultimately leading to more donations and doubling the number of signatories taking part.

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Carbon Engineering – Environmental Impact

Yulu supported five major announcements advancing the global deployment and commercialization of Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, which pulls carbon directly out of the air as a tool to fight climate change. Year-round, CE achieved 6,000 media hits to increase public awareness of this critical climate solution, which is key to scaling the DAC industry globally.

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Society for the Protection of Underground Networks – Environmental Impact

Yulu worked with the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN), to launch awareness of the critical importance of fungal networks to tackling climate change. SPUN’s launch garnered international attention on social media and in the news.

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Food for the Hungry – Global Relief

To help increase organizational awareness and attract new donors, Yulu developed media strategies to highlight Food for the Hungry's critical work in poverty reduction and disaster relief around the world.

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BC Women's Health Foundation – Cultural & Societal Benefit 

Yulu launched the latest in the BC Women's Health Foundation report series, reaching 128M to reveal the impacts of the pandemic on women’s health. Yulu executed an influencer campaign encouraging women to share their #AlsoMe mental health moments on social media to break stigma.

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Hydrostor – Environmental Impact

Yulu worked with Hydrostor, a long-duration energy storage company, to raise awareness of its patented technology. Yulu executed a series of announcements that resulted in 150+ media hits, guiding the public discourse on the critical role of long-duration storage in the renewable energy transition.

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Community Savings Credit Union – Economic Development

To elevate Community Savings Credit Union's mental health advocacy work, Yulu worked with its CEO to reduce stigma by sharing his personal experience on Men's Mental Health Day. The LinkedIn post was one of the org's highest performing content to date & generated a positive response from followers & entrepreneurs.

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Net Zero Agency – Environmental Impact

For the second year running, Yulu achieved net-zero carbon emissions. We offset the emissions of our business activity, and those of our entire team (including their home offices!).

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Nexii Building Solutions – Environmental Impact

Yulu continues to work with Nexii to craft their sustainability messaging and share their progress.This year, we helped them increase their impact by landing top-tier coverage when they became a Unicorn, increasing investor awareness of their solution to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of construction. Building are the #1 source of climate pollution accounting for 39% of emissions globally, so Nexii’s Building Solution could not come at a more critical moment.

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Pachama – Environmental Impact

Yulu secured top tier media coverage for the announcement of Pachama's strategic partnership with Mercado Libre, Latin America’s largest company, to restore key ecosystems in Brazil. The announcement marked Pachama's first foray into project development to create new restoration efforts, and signalled a new approach to carbon markets globally.

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Defunkify – Economic Development

Yulu formed a partnership with Defunkify, a sustainable cleaning product company formed by green chemistry experts. Yulu will support Defunkify in their efforts to become an industry steward in ingredient safety and transparency.

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Global Impact Relations Network Impact Councils – Industry Advancement

We launched our next series of Global Impact Relations Network virtual meetups: Impact Councils, educating nearly 150 community members on how to put purpose at the forefront through guidance from inspiring communicators from brands including Ben & Jerry's, Levi Strauss, Fjällräven, and KIND.

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Data.org – Economic Development

Yulu supported data.org on their $10M Inclusive Growth & Recovery Challenge announcement. Yulu worked with the organization and the challenge's eight awardees to amplify their SDG-aligned projects that harness the power of data science to tackle society’s greatest challenges.

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Yulu's Expert Partner Network – Industry Advancement

Yulu launched its Expert Partner Network, and successfully onboarded 10 new members who will help ensure our strategies are aligned with industry standards for social responsibility & sustainability.

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Squamish River Watershed Society – Environmental Impact

Yulu is elevating the efforts of a collective - including the Skwxkwú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) and the Squamish River Watershed Society - that are working to renaturalize one of the most important salmon habitats in the world. Yulu developed the platform, Restore the Shore, to communicate the benefits of this vital reconciliation and restoration project to the community in Squamish.

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Yulu's B Corp Recertification – Industry Advancement

Yulu renewed its status as a Certified B Corp PR agency for another term, demonstrating our commitment to business as a force for good by increasing our overall B Impact Assessment score to a total of 89.5 points.

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Forest Innovation Investment – Environmental Impact

Yulu worked with Forest Innovation Investment and Naturally:Wood to raise awareness of Canada’s sustainable forest management practices and educate audiences that wood is a renewable building material. This was achieved by creating an animation and amplifying it via shared and paid channels.

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LEAF Mobile –  Economic Development

To help LEAF Mobile in their journey to becoming a sustainable mobile games company, Yulu created a strategic brand framework for LEAF and its studios. One highlight this year was the launch of RuPaul's Drag Race The Mobile Game, increasing representation and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in mobile games.

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Genus Capital – Economic Development

Yulu worked with Genus Capital to support their B Corp recertification – demonstrating their commitment to balancing purpose and profit by increasing their overall B Impact Assessment score by a whopping 32 points.

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Ocean Wise – Environmental Impact

With ocean conservation leaders Ocean Wise, Yulu devised and launched a three-month global program for 13-30 year olds to design an innovative solution to ocean plastics. Applications for this initiative, which creates space for young changemakers around the world to shape a more sustainable future, are now open.

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Moleaer – Environmental Impact

Yulu positioned Moleaer, a nanobubble technology company, as an agtech leader by securing 100+ media hits, and securing four high-profile industry awards. Raising Moleaer’s profile resulted in new customer leads, as well as advancing awareness of the role nanobubble-infused water plays in enhancing the yield and size of crops, which is particularly important given water scarcity issues and ongoing population growth.

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Rick Hansen Foundation – Cultural & Societal Benefit

Yulu led a creative brainstorm with the team at the Rick Hansen Foundation to explore ways the Foundation can encourage public involvement in promoting accessibility and how to bring disability to the forefront of diversity and inclusion conversations. Employers think they are embracing inclusion, however data shows that only 4% consider disability in their inclusion initiatives.

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Vancity Community Investment Bank – Economic Development

Yulu supported Vancity Community Investment Bank in executing a webinar on ‘Indigenous Leaders Building an Inclusive Economy’, to discuss the role of business leaders, governments, and policymakers as we work to build a greener, fairer, more inclusive economy.

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Nature Trust of BC – Environmental Impact

Yulu organized a news conference to announce a $6M donation from the Wilson 5 Foundation, enabling The Nature Trust of BC to re-naturalize a property of ecological value on Vancouver Island. 18 pieces of coverage were secured, raising awareness of the value of conserving land for future generations, particularly with environmentally-minded philanthropists.

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SINAI Technologies – Environmental Impact

Yulu is working with SINAI Technologies to increase awareness of its decarbonization technology that will help organizations achieve their emissions reduction targets and execute competitive transition plans. In H2 alone, we secured 22 pieces of coverage and increased their Twitter following by 78%.

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Climate Week 2021 – Environmental Impact

Our environmental team attended many Climate Week events, including Vancouver's international climate strike, and shared the headlines that caught their attention over the course of the week.

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LSG –  Economic Development

Yulu is working with LSG to develop an inclusive workforce program across the state of New Mexico and beyond. Yulu will position LSG as the go-to solution to bridge gaps between persons with disabilities and rewarding employment opportunities.

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Women in Impact – Industry Advancement

Our founder Melissa Orozco was recognized as one of Real Leaders' 100 Women in Impact, a list of inspiring female business leaders creating a positive social and environmental impact for over a decade.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day – Cultural & Societal Benefit

As connection to the land is so important to Indigenous peoples, on National Indigenous Peoples Day the Yulu team showed our support and encouraged our clients to do the same, by setting out to explore our local environment with a hike, discussed contemporary Indigenous issues and practiced sharing land acknowledgements.

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Real Leader's Impact Companies – Industry Advancement

Yulu ranked among Real Leaders’ top 150 impact companies: a list of businesses and organizations leading the charge to address social and environmental challenges around the world.

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