Yulu partners with global brands and socially innovative organizations to amplify their impact and inspire systemic change.

Whether it’s initiating media interviews, influencer marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, event planning, or creating brand purpose strategies or social responsibility plans, Yulu’s talented team tells stories that matter. Our campaigns have impact.

  • Strategic Communications

    Our clients enjoy the luxury of a dedicated team of experts, executing on a thoroughly researched, highly participatory communications strategy. One that ensures every PR opportunity we land gets them closer to their goals. Learn more

  • Social Impact Consulting

    We're not just here to hear you tell a good story, we're here to help you tell an authentic one that has measurable impact in the communities where you're building brand loyalty. Learn more

  • Brand Purpose Strategy

    We take a deep dive into your company and create an informed brand purpose strategy that ensures everything you do internally and externally aligns with your mission, vision and values. Learn more

  • Media Relations & PR

    We understand media and help them tell your story by providing succinct, honest, and up-to-date information, story ideas and trend insights. Learn more

  • Impact Relations

    We look at PR through an impact relations lens by crafting transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant communications. Learn more

  • Public Advocacy & Public Affairs

    We have successfully helped our clients advance industry standards, influence policy change, mobilize community advocacy for issues at a political level, and build valuable relationships with the key stakeholders and policy makers. Learn more

  • Thought Leadership

    We help founders and CEOs lead the conversation on topics close to their hearts. Learn more

  • Issues Management & Crisis Communications

    Our team of communications professionals are adept at crafting compelling messaging, a clear communications strategy and crisis communications plans that consider all stakeholders and get you back on track as swiftly as possible. Learn more

  • Strategic Partnerships

    We are big believers in the power created when two strong brands collaborate. We work with our clients to find like-minded brands and create beautiful friendships. Learn more

  • Public Relations Services

    We breathe life into your campaigns, copy and concepts. Learn more

  • Influencer Marketing

    We identify and engage influencers to attend and participate in events and campaigns, show support on social media and serve as spokespeople for press opportunities. Learn more

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

    We incorporate digital media strategies into our campaigns to ensure our clients are connecting and engaging with their audiences online. Learn more

  • Creative Ideation / Campaign Execution

    Creativity is at the centre of all we do – we strive to find thought-provoking ways to shine a spotlight on our clients’ unique brands. Our discovery sessions bring out the genuine, the distinct and the “oh hell yeah.” Learn more

  • Event Planning & Conferences

    Venue selection, AV rentals, catering, media invitations, speech writing – our skilled team knows the formula to wow your guests. Learn more

  • Group Facilitation & Panel Moderation

    We'll develop key messaging and ensure you're briefed to meaningfully contribute as a thought leader for panels and events. Learn more

  • Stakeholder Management

    Our team understands that different stakeholders have different needs – and we'll ensure all are accounted for in your communications strategy. Learn more

  • Impact Measurement & Assessment

    Through clear metrics, goal setting and recurring impact assessments, we work with you to demonstrate good corporate citizenship by measuring the impact of your actions. Learn more

  • Messaging Development & Copywriting

    We have a unique way with words – and we'll develop the impactful messaging that is key to telling your story. Learn more

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