Accelerating reforestation as a solution to climate change


The Challenge:

Today, it’s estimated that deforestation accounts for 15 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions, while only 2 percent of climate solutions funding goes toward reforestation projects.

Pachama wants to change that – at a time when wildfires have blazed through the Amazon, Australia, California and throughout our planet’s forests. Yulu partnered with Pachama to launch its marketplace for buying and selling reforestation carbon credits that directly finance reforestation projects. Yulu not only launched Pachama’s platform for scaling the carbon credit market but also worked to overcome misconceptions around the environmental impact of the carbon credit industry overall.

The Strategy

Before public launch, Yulu conducted a strategic communications process, including interviewing Pachama’s stakeholders and compiling a Stakeholder Report; benchmarking relevant organizations in the climate and online marketplace industries; and developing a launch plan to raise awareness of Pachama with top-tier media.

While the launch moment focused on Pachama’s new carbon credit marketplace, Yulu secured media interest by tying this news to larger climate events – namely COP25, wildfires, and breaking news in the flight offsetting space.

Results & Impact:

Our team began engaging media in late-September during Climate Week and quickly landed results in both Fast Company and Forbes, highlighting the opportunity for businesses to offset through Pachama.

Media desksides and interviews were also secured at events the founder of Pachama attended, including Verge (resulting in interviews with The Economist and GreenBiz), and COP25 (resulting in interviews with BBC and Unearthed).

Yulu also publicized Pachama’s financing raise by securing an exclusive in TechCrunch, to highlight the investor enthusiasm in this company that is scaling reforestation as a solution to climate change. The TechCrunch story syndicated across multiple news sites.

When Pachama signed a deal with Microsoft in Q1 2020, we already had an engaged media audience, and coverage quickly followed in Al Jazeera and Fortune.