Campaign Overview

Yulu partnered with Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers and the forest sector, to develop a singular narrative platform that simply and effectively communicated the sustainable forest management practices taking place in Canada – practices that were not widely known by Canadians across the country.

The Challenge

Natural Resources Canada released a new report called The State of Canada’s Forests report in early 2020, a 70-page report measuring the health of Canada’s forests against 23 indicators. This comprehensive and valuable report needed to be simplified and shortened if it was to become a resource for the general public in Canada, and to be used as a platform to illustrate the sustainable forest management practices currently taking place in Canada to ensure our forests support our sustainable future.

The Strategy

Yulu undertook an extensive consultation strategy to secure governmental and industrial alignment on the narrative platform for this revised version of The State of Canada’s Forests report. This included:

  • Stakeholder questionnaires with industry and government
  • Benchmarking research reports, campaigns, narratives and organizations, that have covered forest health
  • The development of three narrative platforms. Yulu then facilitated a voting mechanism to establish the preferred narrative with industry and government
  • Consumer polling and testing on the preferred narrative platform

The Results & Impact

The outcome was unprecedented unity – across government and industry on the most valuable narrative to communicate Canada’s sustainable forest management practices publicly, along with strong supporting messages.

This narrative was brought to life in a revised and shortened report and a dedicated web portal, under the new branding of “Our Roots, Our Future.” This new report was then amplified in tandem with International Day of Forests on March 21 using social media channels of industry partnered and paid opportunities.