Unlocking the full potential of nanobubbles to restore and protect our water and food supplies


Today, climate change and warming temperatures are having an increasing impact not only on ecosystems and human life but also on our water and food supplies. Farming in particular is being impacted by temperature changes and reduced access to an abundance of clean water for irrigation.

Moleaer has developed a patented nanobubble technology that increases the level of dissolved oxygen in water. This provides a range of benefits from improving aquatic health on fish farms to optimizing water for irrigation and increasing crop size and yields.

Despite nanobubbles having a significant impact on our world’s water and food challenges, this innovative technology wasn’t widely known or understood, even among farmers and indoor growers that stood to benefit from it.


Yulu started by redeveloping Moleaer’s branding and messaging, simplifying the language, and focusing on the solutions it provided to each customer segment.

Yulu’s strategy included changing the company’s tagline, repositioning the company’s mission and vision statements, and tailoring messaging for each vertical industry. Prior to launch, Yulu also worked with Moleaer’s sales team to redesign and repurpose customer case studies into external customer success stories that could be used for marketing and media opportunities.


Yulu kickstarted media engagement with the launch of the Neo unit, a nanobubble generator specifically for the horticulture sector, to raise awareness of the proven benefits of this technology on irrigation and crop size and yield. Our efforts resulted in a 60% increase in traffic to Moleaer’s website during our first month of coverage.

This was followed immediately by announcing the expansion of Moleaer’s nanobubble technology into Latin America. This announcement garnered widespread press in agriculture and technology media throughout North and South America, and Europe, and in four different languages.

The team also supported the amplification of the publication of several nanobubble research projects, including a collaboration with Utah State University for NASA’s space farming experiment. Moleaer’s research has been featured in top-tier media such as Forbes and E&E News, along with leading agriculture media.