The Challenge 

In honor of Dr. John Nightingale, longtime CEO and president of Ocean Wise, a leading conservation organization, Ocean Wise engaged Yulu to design an original public engagement initiative that creates a vast network of youth in driving ocean health innovations. The program will further Dr. Nightingale’s core vision that a healthier planet and more sustainable future is only possible through collective action by all.

The Strategy

Through Yulu’s exhaustive benchmarking research and strategic process, we identified the unique niche Ocean Wise occupies in the competitive environmental non-profit sector. Based on these insights, we synthesized tailored creative concepts designed to meaningfully reach youth and advance ocean health solutions. Yulu guided Ocean Wise to the final vision for the program through mindful consultation, ensuring that the program’s design enables participation by all youth, through careful consideration of barriers faced by youth and by prioritizing equity and inclusivity. 

Yulu delivered key components of an execution plan, including a go to market strategy, program ambassador and influencer engagement plan, key messaging, web copy, program branding and creative communications strategies. Program delivery will be led by Yulu through 2022.

The Results & Impact

Through Yulu’s consultation, Ocean Wise will realize a platform for youth to design innovative solutions to key ocean health issues. The initiative will create space for all youth changemakers to use their own ideas and voices to play a direct role in ensuring that tomorrow’s oceans are healthy, productive and thriving, and that youth are respected as leaders and key innovators of ocean health solutions.

This program will result in a suite of youth-led ocean health innovations that engage communities in protecting the marine environment. All youth participants will receive an educational toolkit developed by Yulu, funding for their participation and mentorship from leading ocean health experts and entrepreneurs to guide them through the process of realizing their solutions.

Check Yulu’s social channels through 2022 for updates on the impact Yulu and Ocean Wise are collectively driving through this inspired new initiative.