The Challenge

As energy grid operators transition to renewable energy, increasingly there is a need for long duration energy storage. A range of new, innovative technologies are under development to provide future storage capacity, however, Canadian-founded Hydrostor has already developed and proven its technology provides a solution for meeting the future energy needs while providing economic opportunities for former oil & gas workers.

The Strategy

Yulu conducted a strategic communications process, including interviewing Hydrostor’s stakeholders and compiling a Stakeholder Report, and benchmarking relevant organizations in the energy space. Yulu developed a comprehensive communications strategy that included media relations and social media engagement to drive awareness of Hydrostor and its record-breaking storage capacity projects.

The Results & Impact

  • In our first two months we secured 50+ pieces of media coverage, including a video feature for Popular Mechanics that lead to 40k views on Hydrostor’s YouTube channel.
  • Through a series of targeted announcements highlighting the size and economic impact of Hydrostor’s proposed projects, Yulu has secured global media coverage in financial and investment, energy, and climate outlets, while generating a steady stream of organic coverage and increased web traffic and social media following.
  • Yulu secured more than 166 media hits in nine months.