We’re here to help you tell an authentic story that has measurable impact.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the difference between an authentic versus opportunistic campaign. More than ever, especially with social media being at the fingertips of 71 per cent of internet users globally, consumers can be unforgiving if a brand or campaign misses the mark.

Social and environmental impact consulting provides an approach to strategic problem solving for some of today’s greatest challenges. By crafting messages that are transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant, organizations can perform and communicate better while inspiring key partners through substantive and measurable commitments to social and environmental responsibility.

Impact Consulting seeks to align messaging with values, and measures the effectiveness of impact approaches beyond traditional media metrics.

Impact consulting services may include

  • Creating a brand purpose strategy
  • Identifying social impact measures for your business
  • Auditing company values, vision, mission and social mandate
  • Establishing strategic partnerships
  • Applying for third-party certifications, such as B Corporation status
  • Developing and executing a thought leadership strategy

Our team of impact strategists specialize in

  • Helping companies discover and integrate their social value proposition and organizational purpose
  • Reviewing and challenging the current business model and finding ways to amplify the mission and vision
  • Identifying and testing new models and opportunities to enhance impact
  • Evaluating opportunities for strategic partnerships with impactful organizations
  • Applying socially innovative solutions to an organization’s business model

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