March 5, 2021

Yulu has renewed its commitment as a Certified B Corp PR agency for another term!

We are pleased to share that we have officially completed our B Corporation recertification, and have increased our overall B Impact score to a total of 89.5 points.

Why did Yulu become a B Corp PR agency?

When Yulu became the first dedicated PR agency in Canada to become a certified B Corporation in 2015, we joined the ranks of around 1,000 companies around the world committed to using business as a force for good Today, there are more than 3,500.

B Corporation is a third-party certification of a company’s commitment to social change, earned by businesses that are focused on the big picture, factoring people and the planet into their business decisions, alongside profit. LEED certification and Fair Trade labels have a similar function, but serve specific industries only. Almost any type of company can become a B Corp if they score 80 or above on the assessment.

For a PR agency, or any company who essentially sells ideas, being a B Corp sends a strong signal that you see the value in values. Journalists are driven by human interest stories. Your customers are driven by inspiration. In competitive industries where competency is a given, your humanity is something that sets you apart.

Prominent B Corp Patagonia has been a vocal champion for the environment, for example, using its website to protest President Trump shrinking national monuments in Utah. Another, Ben & Jerry’s, has released several flavors named for social justice causes, donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations working on those causes. Both companies have inspired fierce brand loyalty with their activism.

It’s rare for an organization to pass the B Corp Assessment, which measures companies on factors such as HR policies, environmental footprint, and contribution to society, on the first try. To meet B Corp’s standards, Yulu raised salaries so all our employees make above living wage (which is different than minimum wage) and changed our suppliers to local businesses.

Six years in, we’ve made lifelong friends within companies who share our values. We’ve worked with B Lab to influence policy. We’ve helped clients navigate the certification and recertification process.

We’re proud to see the B Corp movement growing stronger every day, and look forward to the day when doing good in business is the norm.

Thinking about becoming a B Corp? Drop us a line at to find out more about our B Corporation certification services.