In the wake of crises, maintaining authentic communications is crucial.

In the wake of crises, maintaining authentic communications that align with your company values, vision, mission and social mandate is crucial. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for companies to communicate with their key partners regularly and transparently.

Issues have the potential to evolve into crises, which can significantly impact an organization’s reputation and success. Our approach to issues management is anticipatory and strategic, identifying potential issues in advance and developing processes to help your company detect and respond to issues as they evolve. In addition to considering communications strategies, our anticipatory issues management approach will consider means of building, maintaining and repairing relationships with affected parties, as appropriate.

Our team of communications professionals will craft messaging, a communications strategy and crisis communications plan, that considers all key players. We will also provide tailored sessions including media training and anticipatory issues management sessions.

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Crisis communications & issues management services include

  • Developing a crisis communications strategy
  • Crafting key messaging for different key partner groups
  • Creating a communications timeline, including frequency and content, by key partner group
  • Drafting communications for various key partners (internal and external)
  • Offering media training for key company spokespeople
  • Holding an Anticipatory Issues Management session

An Anticipatory Issues Management session may include

  • Discussing and rating issues in terms of priority (evaluating the level of risk it presents, in terms of immediate or long-term impact as well as the likelihood of occurrence)
  • Discussing risk mitigation strategies and messaging
  • Identifying a path for escalation internally, and process for the dissemination of information who needs to know, who should respond, how quickly does the public need to hear from us (if public-facing)
  • Identifying media spokespeople/resources and discuss the need for media training

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