Do your media campaigns lack zest? We’ve got it in spades.

Creativity is at the centre of all we do – we strive to find thought-provoking ways to shine a spotlight on our clients’ unique brands. Our discovery sessions bring out the genuine, the distinct and the “oh hell yeah.”

A trademark of Yulu’s PR campaigns is finding the “big story” through an exercise where we explore and develop creative concepts that could serve as a tipping point to a campaign. Does your story lack creative concepts? No problem. We enjoy the brainstorming session process where these concepts come to life. By the end of our session, your company will be known for being the “most, best, first, last, highest, lowest, shortest or longest” at something and whatever it is, we’ll make sure it’s authentic and use it to maximize your media coverage and brand exposure.

Finding the big story

  • Our creative process begins with an informational interview with your team to gather the inherited news
  • We then hold a creative discovery session where we explore the "sticky" factors of your news/product/service/story
  • We take the top-runners and build on them – find what could be a "tipping point" for your brand
  • Present the top 3-5 ideas we’ve identified as being authentic, creative and inspiring
  • Finally, we incorporate the creative concept(s) into a PR strategy and media relations campaign

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