We breathe life into your campaigns, copy and concepts.

We encourage various forms of community, digital and public relations for all of our campaigns. From booking public speaking events and news conferences to facilitating community giving and charity initiatives, we’ll assist along the way from conception through to execution.

Public relations services and expertise includes

  • Submitting your company for industry awards and speaking opportunities
  • Facilitating corporate giving initiatives and charity events, then publicizing them
  • Coordinating events and public news conferences
  • Facilitating community response forums for sensitive issues
  • Developing a cohesive, on-brand digital communications strategy
  • Develop media outreach strategy with key message pull-through via targeted media relations
  • Developing your public consultation strategy
  • Planning public meetings, open houses and public workshops
  • Working with advisory committees and public/gov’t liaison groups
  • Arranging focus group sessions, consulting with the public

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