We craft transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant communications.

Impact Communications is the discipline of widely sharing messages, stories and ideas that result in positive impact.

We look at PR through an impact communications lens by crafting transparent, authentic, meaningful and resonant communications. Our clients, in turn, perform and communicate better, while inspiring their key partners with substantive commitments to social and environmental responsibility. Impact communications is a new value system for measuring communications effectiveness beyond traditional media metrics.

No spin. No fluff. Just authentic strategy, messaging and communication.

Impact Storytelling

Energizing communications through media relations, creative campaigns, social media, art installations, press conferences, unique events, happenings, spectacles, stunts and more – all designed to educate, inspire and empower for maximum positive impact.

  • Media relations that champions social innovation
  • Reporting on both results and impact
  • Identify audiences who share your sense of purpose
  • Develop campaigns that spread ideas with social impact
  • Research global causes, competitors, messages

Impact Consulting

Strategic problem solving for some of today’s greatest challenges, providing solutions and direction, via corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting; developing sustainability plans and strategies to help companies solve environmental, social and governance issues.

  • Develop meaningful social impact for your business
  • Audit company values, vision, mission and social mandate
  • Establish strategic partnerships
  • Apply for third-party certifications, such as B Corporation status
  • Develop and execute thought leadership strategy

Impact assessments

Measuring the social and environmental impact of clients and their campaigns. Auditing workplace wellness performance; ensuring transparency when reporting on sustainability issues. This process can be as simple as having clients taking the B Impact Assessment.

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