Breaking the next big story


Yulu is an award-winning PR & impact relations agency with a mission to champion social innovation by sharing stories that matter. 

We are a proud B Corporation whose motto is simple: do great by doing good. We partner with socially innovative organizations that see beyond the bottom line and think beyond the status quo. Our clients, whether they’re finance, lifestyle, healthcare or social enterprise, are redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that environmental and social responsibility aren’t just buzzwords, but the cornerstones of a truly holistic kind of success. A revolution is happening at the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness. Yulu isn’t watching it happen from the sidelines—together with our client partners, we’re leading it.

Areas of Focus


We believe no story is worth telling unless it has positive impact. That’s why we’re championing the evolution of PR: impact relations. Our socially innovative clients inspire in their approach, benefit society, and are on the leading edge of thinking, culture and trends.


Whether you’re looking to launch the next robo-advisor, payment processor, online lending platform or online bank, we’ve likely been following you and already have ideas on how to share your story, as well as improve your bottom line and social impact.

B Corporation PR

To represent a B Corp, you must act, speak and think like a B Corp. We understand what an inclusive economy is, we’ve walked clients through the B Impact Assessment. We’re also the agency behind B Lab’s stories and PR.

Health Care PR

From medical tablets to revolutionary apps, healthcare organizations to cancer detection and community support programs. Yulu has successfully publicized a range of initiatives in the healthcare industry.


Representing household-name brands such as, Okanagan Spring Brewery, Kit and Ace, and Happy Planet, Yulu helped these companies launch products, establish brand partnerships and gain international media exposure.


From real estate launches, project charettes and news conferences, to realtor events and condo liquidations, we have experience in every step along the way when it comes to marketing real estate. And we do it well.