Yulu helps give Red Bull wings among grassroots social entrepreneurs


Red Bull Amaphiko Academy supports people wanting to make a positive difference in their communities through exploring and growing the ideas of grassroots social entrepreneurs. Having successfully launched in South Africa and Brazil, Red Bull needed help promoting a new Academy in Baltimore – a city often defined by its social issues but also recognized for its emerging social innovations. Success would include receiving quality applications from social entrepreneurs across the US wanting to attend the Academy’s 10-day program, to help set them up for longer-term success.


Yulu’s focus was to share this story with media and influencers in the social impact space. Having spent time on-the-ground in Baltimore, the team was able to better understand the reasons for why the Academy will be a vital catalyst for social change in Baltimore and beyond, and effectively and sensitively share stories around the issues and potential solutions that this Red Bull incubator will explore.

Using Twitter as a primary tool for media engagement, Yulu connected with key social impact reporters to share the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy launch announcement and also share some of the more inspiring and powerful reasons around the importance of the incubator in the US. The team worked with Baltimore-based social innovation partners and spokespeople to build a compelling and authentic case for entrepreneurial engagement and empowerment, while tactfully demonstrating Red Bull’s role in the Academy.


Yulu secured 18 media hits within the first week of launch including Fast Company, Conscious Company Media, Real Leaders and Forbes’ ‘Not Only for Profit’ column.

Applications have now closed, with more than 500+ social entrepreneurs applied to enter the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy – but only 16 will ultimately be picked. Continue following the journey at Red Bull Amaphiko.