Yulu partners with global brands and socially innovative organizations to amplify their impact and leverage their stories to inspire systemic change.

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Our Sector Expertise

Our Industry Expertise

  • Energy & Clean Tech

    The climate crisis, reducing fossil fuel dependence and sustainable growth are some of the most consequential issues of our time. Our expertise in energy & clean tech PR has been sought out by high-impact thought leaders.

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  • Agriculture & Forestry

    From nanobubbles, to vertical farming, to sustainable forest management practices our team of agtech and forestry PR experts know how to generate media attention.

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  • Sustainability & Environment

    There are many worthy environmental organizations having a significant impact that fly under the radar. We’re in the process of changing that.

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  • ESG Finance & Impact Investing

    Our social finance PR experts are experienced in working with brands, institutions and start-ups to craft compelling narratives about how investors can not only minimize harm, but build legacies of impact.

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  • Healthcare & Wellness

    From revolutionary apps, to healthcare organizations and community support programs. We have successfully publicized a range of initiatives in the healthcare industry.

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  • Consumer Goods & Retail

    We have helped house-hold name brands launch products, establish brand partnerships and gain international media exposure.

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  • Housing & Sustainable Real Estate

    We've worked with our clients to advocate for affordable housing solutions and call on cities to support our most vulnerable neighbours.

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  • Learning & Education

    We believe in the right to quality education from early childhood and beyond. Our clients give people the skills they need to thrive.

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  • Technology & Innovation

    Whether you’re looking to attract investors, gain a shared voice among competitors or share your thoughts on the vastly changing landscape, we lead the charge in PR for tech and start-up companies to get noticed.

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  • Global Relief & International Development

    We understand how to effectively engage opposition groups, identifying solutions for complex issues and have successfully mobilized community advocacy for issues at a political level.

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  • Transportation & Infrastructure

    From effective transportation networks to innovations in sustainable construction, our team knows how to effectively communicate the impact of your efforts.

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