When your organization has a positive impact on society, the opportunities are vast.

According to the UN, in a pre-pandemic world, more than 736 million people were living below the poverty line, facing hunger, malnutrition, poor or no access to education or basic services. Aware that something must be done, Yulu has successfully worked alongside our clients to bring attention to global relief efforts and critical humanitarian work. 

Whether it’s helping hit major fundraising goals, increasing your donor base, identifying solutions to complex issues, or bringing media attention to some of the world’s most vulnerable populations – Yulu has the expertise needed to shine a light on global issues. 

Impact Consulting

  • Industry benchmarking
  • Key voices interviews
  • Strategic partnerships

Impact Communications + Storytelling

  • Communications planning
  • Strategic communications
  • Media training
  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Community relations
  • Influencer relations
  • Social media

Impact Assessment + Measurement

  • Build a measurement framework
  • Track progress

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