The Challenge


Industry has a fundamental role to play in reversing the climate crisis. Currently, just 100 companies alone are responsible for more than 70 percent of global emissions. However, while global companies have made commitments to become net zero, many don’t know how to get there. 

SINAI Technologies was founded to go beyond carbon accounting, by offering software that guides carbon reduction strategies and enables leaders to identify a roadmap to the most efficient, timely & cost-conscious decarbonization plan.

Given that this was a new industry category, SINAI Technologies was looking for strategic support with branding and positioning, as well as raising awareness of its impact with the complex multinational organizations that need it most. 


The Strategy 


Yulu led SINAI Technologies’ executive team through the Play Bigger strategy to define the new industry category name. The outcome was the category brand – Decarbonization Intelligence – along with a company Point of View articulating SINAI’s problem-solution narrative.

This category branding and positioning was then amplified using owned, earned and shared tactics to reach SINAI’s target audience of multinational companies. This included:

  • Owned tactics: creating a three-part video series explaining Decarbonization Intelligence, which was amplified via shared and earned channels as well as the company website
  • Shared tactics: optimizing SINAI’s social media channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) with content to reach relevant audiences
  • Earned tactics: 
    • Amplifying news moments via media relations, including announcements such as SINAI’s Series A and expansion into Brazil and Japan 
    • Securing speaker opportunities and award wins 


The Results & Impact


In 2022 alone, Yulu defined SINAI’s industry category brand and amplified this publicly by:

  • Securing 47+ pieces of coverage, including Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Reuters, Fortune and Axios
  • Securing a speaker opportunity at VERGE and award wins for CleanTech 100 
  • Increasing LinkedIn followers by 135.5% and earning over 120k impressions