The Challenge


Wildfire frequency and severity has dramatically increased across the globe, putting our frontline wildland fighters and the communities they serve at risk. 

However, the technology exists to increase global adaptation to climate related disasters, and help stop most wildfires, today. Pano AI offers active wildfire detection using AI, to help fire authorities identify and suppress new ignitions before they become a threat.

Founded in 2020, Pano needed to raise awareness and accelerate adoption of its vital solution in the most fireprone states in the US, namely California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana and Washington, to safeguard lives, communities and the environment. 


The Strategy 


Yulu took a listening-first approach: Yulu interviewed Pano’s ecosystem of key voices (investors, customers, employees) to better understand which messages were most poignant and relevant, alongside desk research to understand the media and industry landscape in which this critical technology was scaling. 

These insights informed the development of a narrative (both overarching as well as broken down by audience segment), alongside a comprehensive communications strategy that capitalized on:

  • Earned opportunities: leveraging media moments such as Pano’s Series A announcement, as well as hosting local news conferences to announce the expansion and adoption of Pano’s technology among its customers.
  • Shared opportunities: using LinkedIn and Twitter to build a follower-base and celebrate Pano’s fast-scaling company trajectory.
  • Owned opportunities: creating compelling visual assets to enhance earned and owned activities, such as creating B Roll that was then used on local TV stations to accompany news of Pano offering wildfire detection in the region.


The Results & Impact


In just seven months, communications led to an increase in interest in the company (from investors, partners, and customers) as well as:

  • Securing 26 media interviews, resulting in more than 31 pieces of coverage including Fortune, Greenbiz, Fox News, CBS, NBC, Fast Company and CNET.
  • Securing 1,500+ new followers on LinkedIn, with an engagement rate of over 6%
  • Securing 26k impressions on Twitter and an engagement rate of 6.5%