The Challenge

Yulu was tasked with strengthening the reputation of the Ocean Wise Plastic Initiative as a global leader in the environmental nonprofit world. Through the development and execution of a multi-platform communications strategy, we knew we could inspire people from around the globe to take action to protect the world’s oceans.

The Strategy

As a leading global nonprofit in the ocean health space, Yulu was excited to lend its expertise to secure media coverage for Ocean Wise and the Plastic Initiative. Our understanding of the media landscape in North America and beyond, and deep knowledge of competitors and allies in the environmental nonprofit sector are tools we deploy to build strategic relationships for Ocean Wise.

Maximizing storytelling opportunities for Ocean Wise means Yulu must ensure announcements have strong hooks where the impact is tangible and accessible. We also engage partners (from other nonprofits to influencers) to help spread awareness and engage key audiences.

The Results & Impact

Yulu’s strategy and expertise initiated new relationships with media and influencers for Ocean Wise, and helped raise awareness of opportunities anyone can take to tackle ocean health issues.

Yulu’s multi-platform approach helped identify where Ocean Wise’s work is resonating the most: via eye-catching graphics on social media and through influencer partnerships. Earned media interest was also garnered, particularly from regional and student-focused outlets, the latter being particularly important for engaging youth as a key audience.