Fuck Cancer’s Publicity Campaign:
Results reaching more than 500 million people in one year

Yulu was recruited to help F-Cancer share its mission of educating today’s youth on early cancer detection. As we do with all new clients, we requested a media wish list from the team at F-Cancer. We told them to dream big and they did – a list of 50 of the top media in North America, from online to broadcast. Through the activation of several cancer detection campaigns, Yulu landed Fuck Cancer in media outlets including CNN, VOGUE, Forbes, ELLE, Women’s Health and Fast Company – reaching over 500,000,000 people in one year.

Yael at TED x

Yulu secured speaking opportunities for Yael Cohen at TEDx

YC TEDx kk photo2


Media Coverage

Yulu was able to land Fuck Cancer’s story in the pages of ELLE, CNN, Vogue, Women’s Health and Vanity Fair amongst other media outlets.


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