Vancouver PR Firm

If you are a Yulu client, you’re among a select group of companies that are doing great things. When you engage us, you’re engaging more than a communications team. The Yulu experience is unique. When you work with our team, expect to be challenged and pushed to amplify the impact you’re making, and inspire other businesses to do the same. Yulu’s campaigns are guided by strategic thought, creativity and are socially innovative. We become an extension of your team. We share your stories with the same passion as if they were our own. We analyze our clients’ industries to ensure their positioning is unique and impactful. We bring fresh ideas, we expose you to new audiences, and we always have your company’s goals and mission top of mind. Creative ideas and solutions are at the core of every campaign we launch.


  • We will set high standards and continually encourage you to shoot for the moon
  • We hold regular all-team brainstorms that result in an ongoing flow of fresh ideas
  • We ensure client collaboration every step of the way, from our discovery sessions, to stakeholder interviews, to regular brainstorms
  • We are not a simple “yes team” – we consult, advise and are proactive with new ideas and proposed direction
  • We’re always thinking about new ideas to advance your mission, as if it were our own
  • We don’t rest on our laurels – in fact, the moment we land an opportunity, we’re already seeking ways to amplify that coverage and take your story to new audiences
  • We push you to never rest on your laurels
  • We are strategic and creative –  our client strategies are collaborative, cast your company’s vision and direction, and are referenced daily through a playbook. The cover page stating your 5-year painted picture continually reminds you and us why we’re here, and where we’re going
  • We challenge our clients to be more innovative, think beyond the obvious, and make a true impact
  • We’re always pushing for authentic change and impact, and won’t settle for less
  • We provide a tailored experience. We know how to make people care about your work and impact
  • We emphasize thoughtful design and delivery because we know the value and return when people have a memorable experience with your brand