May 17, 2023

The Yulu and Impact Relations Institute teams have been fortunate to have three wonderful BCIT Business Management students in the final year of earning their diplomas participating in an industry-based consulting project for us for the last nine weeks. Our student team was drawn to Impact Relations, and sought out to demonstrate that they have mastered the practical application of their classroom learning through their research. While we can’t give too much away about the specifics of the project (stay tuned!), we asked our student team to share more about what drew them to Impact Relations and their aspirations for the industry moving forward.

A huge thanks to our team, Isabelle Villena, Taekyu Ahn and Marco Law for their enthusiasm for purposeful communications, and the diligent research and effort they put into this project these last several weeks. We’re excited to see where these three end up next.


Why did you choose to take on this research project?

TA: I was particularly interested in discovering various strategies and techniques that businesses can employ to successfully engage with their community. I enjoyed being able to research social impact and sustainability-related conferences and events with opportunities for business participation all over the world.

IV: I found Yulu PR & Impact Relations very interesting because other than being an industry I have an interest in, the firm is focused on social and environmental impact. I was moved by their principle of leading and telling the stories of others that are impactful and significant.

ML: The PR industry was an industry I had no knowledge about and I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the industry. Furthermore, I believe it is inspiring that Yulu focuses on sustainability and pushes for social and environmental responsibility.


What are your career aspirations for the future?

IV: I am interested in the communications industry as I have always been eager to improve my communication skills so it was something I’d definitely want to do in the future.

TA: I desire to succeed in business management while also having a positive influence on society.

ML: I am interested in a career like data analyst or business analyst.


What excites you about the future of Impact Relations?

ML: The importance of sustainability will become increasingly apparent in the future. I think Impact Relations and its focus on positive social and environmental impact will be a good starting point to achieving sustainability in businesses.

TA: I am excited about the potential for businesses to accomplish their objectives and have a positive impact on society. Particularly post-COVID, I think that Impact Relations and community communication are essential for fostering relationships and advancing constructive change. I appreciate the chance to gain knowledge about Impact Relations and am eager to use what I learned in my upcoming position as a business manager.

IV: I’m excited to see the Impact Relations Institute become a leading voice in the growing field of Impact Relations and sustainability communications.