The Challenge

Increasingly, our food is grown and transported further away than ever before. These long distances are resulting in more food waste and foodborne illnesses, specifically tied to leafy greens and vegetables. CubicFarms has developed a business model focused on shortening the supply chain, providing local farmers with AgTech that enables a safe, local supply chain while also creating less waste, using less water, energy, and land.

The Strategy

Yulu conducted research into successful campaigns in the food sector and developed innovative campaign strategies and concepts for CubicFarms to engage both farmers and consumers. Yulu also identified key media opportunities and relevant stories to engage local, national and international journalists to highlight the unique technology and business opportunities for farmers.

The Results + Impact

Yulu secured global coverage across agriculture, business and technology media demonstrating the value CubicFarms brings to the agtech sector and ability to transform the supply chain. Yulu secured more than 24 media hits in the first quarter of 2021.