MOGO is a financial brand that’s transforming the way Canadians access, manage, and control credit.

The Challenge


Mogo came to Yulu with two main objectives. First, they wanted to increase their brand visibility: to be widely recognized as a lifestyle choice for millennials and forward-thinking banking customers. Second, they sought to be positioned as both an industry disruptor and as one of Canada’s fastest growing financial technology companies. Drawing on our proven track record and successful experience working with other clients in this sector, we accepted the challenge Mogo presented us.

The Solution


Connect Mogo with established online influencers and trending “business-to-business” relationship. The main objective in thus plan consisted of reaching out to well-known fashion, lifestyle, and finance blogs: a move designed to create synchronicity between Mogo and their millennial lifestyle audience, as well as increase Mogo’s exposure to finance and technology observers. In addition, we linked Mogo with local business partners that could project a strong lifestyle brand focus.

The Result


We achieved clear. measurable success. Not only did Yulu connect Mogo with over two dozen online influencers and then solidify several of these relationships, we also succeeded at securing four B2B partnership opportunities for Mogo across the country and in the specific markets of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Finally, by preparing customized, six-month activity calendars tailored to each of these four cities, we helped prepare Mogo for their future outreach efforts.