.eco: Using the power of community to responsibly govern an industry

Nine years on .eco proves that, collectively, a community with shared values can realize industry potential and change

Faced with the challenges of preconceived notions around the domain name industry, Yulu used impact consulting and media relations to effectively share the story of .eco in a positive and authentic way. By encouraging community governance and focusing on the mission of creating positive change for the environment, .eco saw a successful North American launch and demonstrated that holding companies to higher standards will result in positive change.

The Challenge:

Big Room, the owners of the .eco domain, enlisted Yulu to help successfully launch the extension in the North American market. .eco is a domain extension dedicated to the environment, for people and brands committed to positive change for the planet. After a nine-year collaborative effort with more than 50 environment non-profits, .eco launched in May 2017.

The domain industry has its own set of challenges. Yulu had to find a way to demonstrate that the .eco domain was responsibly governed and that the extension is a flagpost for organizations that dedicated to being environmentally responsible.

The Strategy:

Yulu developed a communications plan that looked at generating both local, national and international coverage and how .eco could help raise industry standards and environmental commitment on a wider level.

The team then executed a comprehensive, North-American-wide media and influencer campaign where we focused on sharing the .eco story through entrepreneurship and environmental angles. We adopted an approach that was focused on thought leadership, and building legitimacy through showcasing collective community engagement.


The Results & Impact:

.eco’s nine-year business story and new spin on the domain industry resonated well with top tier media across North America. Yulu secured quality coverage in international outlets such as Forbes, Fast Company, GOOD, Vice Motherboard, and in Canadian outlets including The National Post and Business in Vancouver.

Yulu landed 13 pieces of in-depth feature media coverage with over 260 brand impressions (the number of times a brand is mentioned in a piece). Due to the the size of certain outlets, the .eco story reached over 58 million people.

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.eco’s impact by the numbers:




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