The Challenge


Introducing the household cleaning industry’s worst-kept secret: toxic chemicals. For years, consumers have been in the dark about the ingredients lurking in their cleaning products, leaving them with a tough choice between effectiveness and safety.

This is why Defunkify stepped in with a mission to get toxic chemicals out of household cleaning products. Founded and led by Green Chemists, Defunkify has developed products that are safe, non-toxic and actually work so consumers no longer need to choose between something that works, and something that is good for you and the planet – you can have both!

How do we captivate consumers and unmask the lies that the cleaning industry has been telling consumers for years? 


The Strategy 


Yulu worked closely with Defunkify to fully immerse ourselves in the brand and its offerings. We conducted interviews with internal and external stakeholders and compiled a Stakeholder Report that shared our recommendations to elevate the brand. We then benchmarked organizations that were using a similar science-based messaging within the consumer industry to assist us in developing a comprehensive communications plan that would raise awareness of Defunkify as the go-to source for toxicity and safety.


The Results & Impact


Our team quickly started developing relationships with top-tier journalists across top-tier publications such as BuzzFeed, Southern Living and Reader’s Digest. One of our objectives was to position Defunkify as a thought leader and the go-to source on toxicity and safety within the cleaning industry— we drafted a series of opinion pieces calling out the industry and educating consumers on the toxicity of traditional cleaning products. We also launched a campaign across social and earned media called ‘No Scent is the Best Scent’ exposing the dirty business of cover-up scents in the laundry detergent industry and the fake fragrances we have been taught to love.

The results speak for themselves. In 2022, Defunkify received a whopping 66 media mentions and reached over 20 million people, spreading their message and delivering on their mission to revolutionize the cleaning industry with safe and effective products. By establishing Defunkify as a go-to source for toxicity and safety within the cleaning industry, we were able to drive brand awareness and educate consumers to make informed decisions about the products they use in their homes. Defunkify’s success serves as a model for other brands to follow in disrupting traditional industries and creating a safer and more sustainable future.