A trio of MIT grads launch Social Giving Platform

Charitweet is a fintech in the social giving space. Yulu positioned Charitweet’s founders as millennial thought leaders in philanthropy, landing media coverage from the most notable publications in business.

The Challenge

A trio of MIT engineering grads were looking to leverage the slacktivism trend to allow people to make a tangible difference in advancing social causes with minimal effort. They developed a social giving platform, Charitweet, which allows people to donate to a charity simply by tweeting about it. Yulu was tasked with developing the coming out story for Charitweet and messaging around its partnerships with #GivingTuesday.

The Solution

Yulu worked with Charitweet on an accelerated timeline to get a PR campaign plan and pitch deck in place before #GivingTuesday. They leveraged the MIT pedigrees of the company’s founders and pitched stories on the slacktivism trend, engaging millennials in philanthropy, and social donations as the future of giving.

The Result

Yulu successfully generated early buzz around Charitweet and its platform, positioning its spokespeople as millennial thought leaders in philanthropy. Within one month of engagement, we secured coverage in outlets such as Fast Company, Washington Post, CNBC and CNET, reaching an estimated audience of more than 40 million.