A Resource and Community Called Cancer Positive

Yulu developed an online resource and community called Cancer Positive. We sourced inspiring stories of people whose lives have been touched with cancer, and curated a database of North Americans who have lived cancer positively.


The Challenge


Oncosec Medical Inc. is a biotech company focused on developing non-invasive cancer therapies with a commitment to help patients preserve their quality of life. The company and its CEO, Punit Dhillon were looking to build on this commitment and engaged Yulu to develop an initiative that would offer patients a tangible, meaningful resource to help them do this.

The Solution

Yulu developed Cancer Positive: an online resource and community that shares inspiring stories of people whose lives have been touched by cancer. We sourced stories from all over North America to develop a curated database of people who have lived “cancer positively”. We worked with a web developer to create a branded website to house the stories and provide information about support groups, cancer treatments, etc. We also pitched media local to some of the stories we featured and for thought leadership opportunities for Punit.

The Result and Impact

Yulu secured coverage that profiled Cancer Positive stories in outlets such as Jacksonville Magazine, Florida Sun-Times, Queens Courier and Inside Vancouver. We also secured coverage for Punit in outlets such as Entrepreneur, positioning him as a thought leader in social impact. Lastly, the site features more than 30 stories with a strong social media following and website traffic, pointing to a growing community of people who are also committed to quality of life.