August 10, 2017

Who’s the behind-the-scenes hero at the heart of Yulu? Meet our Operations Manager, Jenna Kuchinsky, who is also head of our Culture Committee and the Queen of Happy Hour. If you’ve got any questions about the way Yulu is run, Jenna has the answers! Jenna shares with us why she loves Yulu, the issues she’s passionate about, and why Oprah is tops in her book.

Name + role at Yulu
Jenna Kuchinsky, Operations Manager

Describe Yulu culture in three words.
Collaborative, supportive, forward-thinking.

Favourite campaign you’ve worked on at Yulu?
There have been many, it’s difficult to choose! I loved working with GoFundMe, as I was given the opportunity to connect with campaigners around Canada and help them share their stories. It was rewarding to know how appreciative they were of our support. More recently, I’m loving working with Lucky Iron Fish, helping them achieve their mission to reduce iron deficiency worldwide by putting a “Fish in every pot.”

Favourite Yulu tradition?
Friday Happy Hours. And Christmas tree decorating!

Most rewarding thing so far in your time at Yulu?
Watching Yulu evolve into the purpose-driven agency it is today. It’s been an awesome experience learning to identify and own our strength as impact-focused communicators.

What’s your impact council SDG?
I have three: No Poverty, Quality Education, and Decent Work & Economic Growth.

“No Poverty” has always been of interest to me, especially since I’ve started working in Yulu’s Gastown office. Every single day I see so many people in need of support and feel helpless, wanting to make a positive impact on their lives. I believe “Quality Education” is an important step to achieving this goal, and therefore was a natural fit. I chose “Decent Work & Economic Growth” because as Yulu’s Ops Manager, part of my role is ensuring our HR systems remain in check and meet our high standards as a B Corp company. I enjoy searching for different ways to go above and beyond in this regard, and hope that one day most companies will be driven by these same standards.

You can work with any journalist in the world! Who would it be, and why?
Oprah Winfrey! She’s amazing and I’d love the chance to even meet her, let alone work with her. My goal is to land a client coverage in O Magazine so I can be one step closer.

Who is your role model?
Can I say Oprah again? She’s overcome a lot to become the huge success she is today. She’s authentic, consistent, and everything she does serves a purpose.