November 9, 2017

Ever wonder how we get stuff done so quickly around here? Meet our Director of Client Services, Charlotte Gilmour. Another London transplant, Charlotte is an environmentalist who loves the oceans and spends her weekends hiking or surfing. We managed to grab Charlotte for a few minutes between running meetings and brainstorms to ask her a few questions about being a publicist, her role models, yulu culture, and what gets her out of bed every morning.

Name + role at Yulu:
Charlotte Gilmour, Director of Client Services

What are you most excited about when you wake up and you’re about to go to work?
Coming to work alongside smart, driven people united in a common goal to use communications as a force for good. The culture at Yulu is unique and thoroughly refreshing.

Favourite Yulu tradition?
The memory jar everyone has on their desks. When we do something we’re proud of, we write a note and keep it in our jars, or sneak compliments into colleagues’ jars. We celebrate these achievements at the end of the year.

Describe Yulu culture in 3 words.
Purpose driven. Inspiring. Collaborative.

What social issues are you passionate about?
I’m an environmentalist who is passionate about cleaning up our oceans. As a surfer, nothing upsets me more than seeing plastic in the waves. I want to continue to learn and implement change in my own life to protect the environment, as well as use communications to spark meaningful change through others.

What drives you? What are you passionate about?
I’m driven by two things; an eagerness to learn new stuff and a need to achieve impactful results.

An interesting fact we should know about you?
I’m another British transplant (yep, with one of those accents), and spent the first half of my career working in two PR agencies in London.

Who is your role model?
I’m inspired by senior female leaders, especially those that have successfully balanced a family and career. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook fame is on my list, alongside Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube. She’s been a force in tech for years, and rightly defended female leaders in the tech sector after the infamous Google employee diversity memo got leaked to media: