October 30, 2012

October is widely recognized as the rosiest month of the year. Many of the blushing campaigns created for breast cancer awareness month are lost soon after they’re launched. Effective cause-based campaigns have an innovative approach making it easy for the public to take an interest. November moustache mania is proof that people can get on board as long as there is a sound model for raising funds. The most memorable cause-based campaigns evoke a smile or a laugh, require very little to get involved, and are transparent in offering how donations will make an impact.

This October our team participated in the #EyeLook4 campaign. Throughout the month of October, the collection of pink specs created by ClearlyContacts.ca raised money for Rethink Breast Cancer. All across the country, supporters of the campaign rocked pink frames to help spread the message that early detection is critical.

Yulu PR Team Fighting for Breast Cancer #EyeLook4

My favorite caused-based campaign tactic?
Flash mob fundraisers. This example took place last year in Eindhoven, in the south of Netherlands. Dancers of all ages, all styles, moved for the same purpose, to raise funds for Kenya.

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Why do flash mobs resonate?
Music and dancing naturally make us all smile. The lightness of laughter and silly dance moves on some level offset the heartache that’s often related to the reason why these types of campaigns are created. Anytime a campaign embodies hope, positivity, and is pulled off with compassion, it will resonate.

What makes a campaign successful?
For a campaign to stand out, there must be a strong connection between the structure of the campaign and how it relates back to the issue or reason behind why it’s been created. A digital component is also important in order to generate as much awareness as possible. Lastly, campaigns that are thought-provoking, or incorporate humour, often get the most attention.