September 28, 2020

Climate Week 2020 Takeaways

The pandemic has had a ripple effect on public gatherings, conferences, demonstrations, and activism – even this year’s UN Climate Change summit has been postponed until next year. However, many have demonstrated their resilience and drive for impact, utilizing digital tools for organizing and meeting online. Last month, business, community, and government leaders joined New York’s Climate Week, for the first time, virtually. Here are our Climate Week 2020 Takeaways.

While the in-person events and receptions were shelved and everything was pushed to online, it created a more open, more inclusive, and even more engaging environment for participants from around the globe.

From the very opening “ceremony”, the importance of continuing our collective progress was sounded by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, who called for a “Military-style campaign” to achieve net-zero by 2030, not 2050.

Throughout the week, nearly 500 events, or online sessions, took place, with several of the world’s largest companies including Cargill, Walmart, Amazon, and Microsoft, utilizing these forums to announce new and updated plans to achieve net-zero.

This year, companies went beyond plans for eliminating single-use plastics and reducing or offsetting emissions. The breadth of actions committed to included reforesting lands, replenishing soils and freshwater resources, and reducing food waste.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s our ability to overcome challenges and create new opportunities for collective community action.

At Yulu, we’re committed to driving action on climate change, including accounting for our own carbon footprint and environmental impacts. We’re also collaborating with our clients to explore new opportunities to further their impact and achieve new sustainable solutions.

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