June 28, 2023

Meet Ashika, Marketing and PR Strategy Consultant

When Ashika isn’t engrossed in amplifying the work of her clients pushing boundaries in business and social impact, you can find her immersing herself in new cultures on global travels, or behind the lens of her camera capturing life’s pivotal moments. Her passion for purpose-led business ties back to her university days with Enactus, a network of student leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. Born in Qatar but based in Calgary since childhood, Ashika has never lived in her family’s home country of India, but remains deeply connected to it.


What brings you joy? 

Traveling to new places brings me the most joy. I’ve been lucky and privileged to be able to travel to many places across the world and the experience of immersing myself in new cultures and spaces fuels my soul. I grew up watching my dad photograph everything, everywhere we went, and as I grew older I picked up on the same passions. In my free time, I photograph weddings, elopements, engagements, and events. It’s one of my favourite creative outlets. 


What social issue or cause are you interested in? 

Women’s health education and women’s education accessibility around the world are two social issues that are incredibly important to me. With my heritage and identity strongly tied with my roots in India, I feel particularly connected with initiatives that uplift communities like those in rural India and push for equity and equality. 


What do you love the most about the work you do? 

I love that every day has a sense of variety and challenge. Working with incredible clients and companies that are constantly pushing boundaries in business and social impact allow for every day to have opportunities to do something new. 


What brought you to Yulu?

The purpose-driven work. Working with clients and organizations that use business to do good in the world inspires me daily. Being a part of Enactus initially sparked my passion for working with impactful businesses – working at Yulu continues to fuel that passion.