To launch our week-long blog series on Eco Fashion Week Vancouver, we spoke to California designer Linda Wong, co-founder of The Battalion. Wong creates modern, edgy, comfort driven clothes, crafted for the woman who is never satisfied with being mainstream, a true bohemian with an eternal quest for personal style. All of the products she designs are made with a perceptive eye, relentless taste and a mission: to make our world a better place.


Yulu: In your opinion, what qualifies as eco-fashion?

LW: Eco fashion is a movement. I like to see it as a creative and exciting way to persuade citizens to take action on issues of ecological concerns. For example, The Battalion has two main causes. One is the use of pesticides in soil. Two, is animal cruelty in fur trade. We vow to create the most beautiful garments in bamboo/pro-modal fabrics, dead stock/recycled fabric, and faux fur. With company donations to related environmental groups and blog post that encourage votes on green policies on our Facebook page, we hope to inspire our customers to do the right thing.

Yulu: Who are some of your favorite eco-friendly designers?

LW: Christopher Raeburn – He is superbly creatively. He uses army surplus materials to craft his collection. Stella McCartney is our hero. She only uses faux leather and faux fur in her ultra luxurious line.

Yulu: Can we expect to see big fashion houses incorporating eco-friendly fabrics and practices into their operations in the near future?

LW: I think many luxury fashion houses already do. Ultimately, fashion only works if the goods that are offered are on trend. The only exceptions would be the companies that sell low cost, disposable fashion. Eco friendly materials are too expensive and not ample enough to be cost effective. Moreover, the idea of disposable fashion is simply not eco friendly!

Yulu: What are some tips for consumers on how to shop eco-friendly?

LW: Check out eco blogs, and read up the brand’s website. We already make our best purchasing decisions by comparing prices on the Internet, why not use the same method to find quality products.

Yulu: What part of Vancouver’s Eco-Fashion Week are you most excited about this year?

LW: The Battalion fashion show on Feb 24. We are thrilled be part of Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week.


Be sure to catch The Battalion fashion show at the Salt Building, at 7 pm, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011.

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