A non-profit funded by the government of British Columbia and Doctors of BC, the Vancouver Division of Family Practice is tasked with improving the delivery of local healthcare for both patients and family doctors.

The Challenge

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice came to Yulu with a goal to generate brand awareness and education, especially around the doctor shortage issue. With little stakeholder awareness or understanding around the impact of the Division in the local community, Yulu was challenged to help the Division tell its story while continually demonstrating its value.

The Strategy

Yulu worked with the Vancouver Division to create a campaign that highlighted the clear value and positive impact the Vancouver Division has on family doctors and their patients, through tools and resources, traditional media coverage, and social media content.

The Results & Impact

Hoping to bring the Division into the conversation around family doctor shortage in BC, Yulu secured opinion editorials to highlight the Division’s work in recruitment and retention. We also designed major info graphics and workflows for the Division to improve efficiency and shape core ideas that revolve around the Division’s purpose and vision. Wanting to spotlight the significant work Vancouver Division is doing to help address the doctor shortage issue, Yulu pitched local and trade media with op eds and interview opportunities that highlighted the positive impact the Vancouver Division is having in the areas of recruitment and retention of family doctors in addition to exploring topics including responsible retirement. Yulu has underpinned this work by populating key Vancouver Division social channels with educational content on an ongoing basis.