Smart Soup expands its line of vegan and gluten-free soups to the US

The Challenge

Smart Soup’s parent company, Global Gourmet Foods, is a long-established player in Canadian food-service, but the family behind the company had designs on taking their line of healthy vegetarian soups to the competitive US retail market.

The Solution

Yulu knew building Smart Soup’s brand awareness through earned media coverage could be utilized as a sales tool with North American retailers. Yulu established a comprehensive list of food, mommy and health and wellness bloggers and arranged to get the product in their hands, developing community give back campaigns in Smart Soups major distribution centres to run concurrently with blogger outreach. We revolved our pitching efforts around the health benefits of Smart Soup by communicating how the brand’s soups were key in founder Anne’s journey to health. By educating the public on the benefits of frozen soup vs. canned or fresh packaged, we were able to highlight Smart Soup’s differentiator in the industry.

The Result

Yulu’s blogger outreach campaign secured several positive blogger reviews and significant social media traction, generating a reach of more than 830,000 and 180 brand impressions. We also saw strong message pull through in all of the pieces positioning Smart Soup as a community-driven brand offering healthy, delicious, and convenient meal options that are a fit for almost any diet. Yulu also established a “Sports Wives” partnership with wives of the Seattle Mariners baseball to help refine and promote the soup line.

Social Media Campaigns


Yulu took the lead on social media strategy and created timely campaigns for World Health Day as well as Heart Health Month. We gave the social media assets a bit of creative flair and broke out our in-house food styling skills.