Giving a voice to Vancouver’s humble health care heroes

Despite being an integral part of our healthcare system, Vancouver’s family doctors say they just aren’t heroes. Engaged to help address this identity crisis, Yulu worked with Providence Health Care’s Department of Family Medicine to share the stories and give a voice to these unsung heroes.



The importance and impact family doctors have in the community is rarely spotlighted. Unlike some of their counterparts, family doctors often find their tireless work and dedication to their patients goes unnoticed. Combined with a confused identity and lack of understanding around the diversity of their work, the Department was not being considered as part of larger conversations around the improvement of primary care in Vancouver.




To properly understand the perception and challenges of Providence Health Care’s family doctors, Yulu conducted multiple interviews with family doctors to hear first hand how they viewed their roles and impact on the community. We also reviewed best practices of successful healthcare organizations across North America to apply them to our work. Upon further consultation, it was agreed that the communications campaign needed to create a strong consistent voice and identity for the Department, position it as an advocate for family medicine, educate its stakeholders on the important role and impact family doctors have, and celebrate the achievements of family doctors to evoke a sense of pride.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so we developed a new brand identity for the Department, starting with a logo, giving members a rallying point to connect with the Department, its values, and its mission. In true Yulu fashion, we told unique stories through a Family Doctors of Providence Health Care profile series, and worked with the Department to distribute it in a newly-designed and more dynamic newsletter.

A story wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t spread far and wide. Taking advantage of Family Doctor Week, we secured interviews for Department doctors on CBC Radio, News1130, and Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver. Due to the dedication of Providence’s family doctors in the Downtown Eastside, we were also able to have them contribute to meaningful discussions around opioid addiction on Global TV and CBC TV.