Helping a global entertainment company find their purpose through social impact.


Live Nation wanted to use its brand influence, resources, platforms and relationships to impact positive social change. They called on Yulu to challenge the organization to think beyond the immediate task, and lead them through the process of determining, and communicating, what it stands for.


The Challenge

The team at Live Nation knew it could make a considerable impact to its core audiences – employees, artists and fans – by championing a significant social or environmental issue. It called on Yulu to help find, explore and build this purpose into its work in an authentic way. One of the challenges that any large company would experience going through this process was finding a common thread around what its audiences were passionate about, interested in and potentially impacted by. In order for any initiative of this nature to truly be successful, it would be key to get buy-in internally to build support, natural ambassadors and help drive progress.

The Strategy

Yulu’s strategic process to find Live Nation’s purpose and big story began with a two-part research and reporting process, which included in-person stakeholder interviews in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as campaign benchmarking around other like-minded powerful campaigns and movements.

The next step was getting Live Nation’s team on board. During its annual company retreat in Los Angeles, the Yulu team ran a social impact workshop spotlighting some of the latest trends and case studies in the space through a comprehensively researched, tailored presentation.

We then presented our stakeholder and benchmarking report findings and recommendations to the team, and together workshopped opportunities for the Live Nation brand to determine themes, concepts, differentiators, messaging, ideas and tactics to bring their mission to life.

This interactive session ensured the entire Live Nation team felt aligned and included in the development of what Live Nation stands for, its ‘why’ and purpose.

Results & Impact

Live Nation is now in a strong position to continue to explore and integrate its purpose into its overall operations and culture, starting with its employees.