Farafena is a Canadian-African superfood company that partners with over 850 women farmers across Africa to bring nutrient-dense, African-grown products to Canadian tables. Farafena’s engagement with women farmers in Africa has provided increased business opportunities which  is resulting in women being able to start micro businesses, build homes for their families, and educate their children.



When Farafena launched its products in over 600 Loblaws stores across Canada, Yulu was brought on board to raise awareness of Farafena and its social purpose, along with educating the public about the health benefits of its products.

Largely unknown in the Canadian market, Baobab, Moringa and Fonio are new ingredients to Canadians. Differentiating these products from other “superfoods”, by showcasing the nutritional benefits, and how to incorporate these ingredients into recipes, was key.



Yulu created a communications strategy that encompassed media relations, social media and influencer relations, to showcase the social purpose of the company and nutritional value of the products.

Yulu’s approach was two-fold; to educate the public on what Farafena’s products are; and show how  consumers can use their purchase power to make a meaningful difference to the lives of women farmers, their families and communities, in Africa.

Yulu connected with influencers in the food, health and wellness space, and gave them a chance to experience Farafena’s products line for themselves, so they could give first-hand testimonials on the taste and health benefits.

After identifying Farafena’s founder as a passionate and authentic spokesperson, Yulu developed a thought leadership program, focused on broadcast, where he could talk to the mission and vision of the company, and inspire others to support the company mission through their purchasing power.



Yulu has secured several broadcast interviews for Farafena’s founder on CBC’s The Current, Let’s Give A Dam podcast and Food and Beverage News podcast. Yulu continues to work with Farafena to further amplify it leadership in the sustainable food and women empowerment space.