Sharing inspiring stories of community support through crowdfunding efforts across the country

We worked with GoFundMe during the year in which they grew most rapidly. Through a potent combination of community relations and newsjacking (both Yulu specialties), we landed more than 400 national media hits in 18 months. By focusing on individual stories, we turn users into brand ambassadors for the public, showing that GoFundMe works as the go-to tool for personal fundraising.


GoFundMe is the world’s most popular cause-based crowdfunding platform. With a strong brand presence in other countries, GoFundMe set out to grow brand awareness in Canada. With a smaller, more geographically dispersed audience to whom crowdfunding was still a new concept, GoFundMe needed a PR team that understood the Canadian market, had strong relationships with national media contacts and could effectively assess the most timely and compelling stories.


We secured consistent coverage for GoFundMe campaigns in top-tier and community papers through a potent combination of community relations with timely newsjacking – both Yulu specialties. GoFundMe chose Yulu for our strengths in community relations, a tactic with which the platform has found great success. By focusing on individual stories, we turn users into brand ambassadors for the public, demonstrating that GoFundMe is the go-to tool for personal fundraising.


In the first 18 months of engagement, Yulu secured more than 400 national media hits for GoFundMe campaigns and our batting average is slated to grow by more than half. Through our national media relationships, we consistently land GoFundMe success stories in top-tier markets and national publications. Anticipating awareness months and holidays, keeping abreast of current events like the Olympics or the Syrian refugee crisis, and finding timely and impactful campaigns, such as the miraculous recovery of a ballerina prodigy following a life-threatening accident, has been key to Yulu’s success.