ArticNet’s Annual Scientific Meeting

Yulu attracts international buzz around ArcticNet’s first annual $1 Million Arctic Inspiration Prize while raising awareness of Arctic environmental issues

The Challenge


ArcticNet’s Annual Scientific Meeting is Canada’s largest annual Arctic research gathering. For its eighth year ArcticNet partnered with the S. and A. Inspirations Foundation to launch the first annual $1 Million Arctic Inspiration Prize. Organizers sought to convey the key challenges facing Canada’s Arctic through local, national and international press. They also wished to gain international media attention surrounding the launch of the annual $1 Million prize and its winners

The Solution


Yulu distilled the vast issues being discussed at the conference into four main categories: education; climate change; sovereignty, and food insecurity.  Yulu worked with ArcticNet organizers to develop a roster of top researchers and thought leaders who could speak to press about the most topical issues.

The Result & Impact


Yulu secured placement in more than 100 local, national and international media outlets within a three-month time frame including CNN, CBC National, Sky News, and the Globe and Mail.