Ensuring a healthcare game changer stands out in a saturated market


Spreading the word about new artificial intelligence medical app bringing next-level health care technology to doctors, patients and community health


Yulu helped Berlin-based company Ada Health launch their game-changing artificial intelligence medical app, Ada, in the Canadian and U.S. markets. Among the most sophisticated AI available to consumers on the mobile market, the app has the ability to support doctors by reducing wait times, improving communication among patients, doctors and specialists, and offering new perspectives and learnings on community health.


Publicizing an international company launch in North America is no small feat, as media are first and foremost concerned with local affairs and how new offerings will impact consumers and complement existing national systems. In a saturated market where new apps emerge on the market every day, Yulu was tasked with showcasing Ada’s truly unique value offering: its ability to change the face of modern health care.


We knew we’d need appeal to the issues Canadians and Americans care about, and find a way to localize Ada’s launch to each specific market. Drawing on the existing national health care issues in each market, Yulu positioned Ada as a complementary tool to support and solve national challenges. We highlighted Ada’s ability to support doctors by reducing the number of unnecessary office visits, improve communication between doctors, specialists, and their patients, and potential opportunities to offer new perspectives on community health by flagging regional trends.


The Ada app was ranked no. 1 medical app in both the Canadian and U.S. App Stores after its launch. Ada’s launch was well received by North American media, who were interested to hear how the app will improve health care system challenges. Yulu landed more than 30 national and regional media placements in Ada’s first few weeks of launching in Canada and the U.S., and secured interest with leading national and technology publications such as PSFK, The Next Web, Digital Trends, The Washington Post, Digital Journal, and The Canadian Press.