Jenna Kuchinksy

Director of Operations

Jenna Kuchinsky, Senior Operations of Yulu, smiles and looks off camera.

Jenna always knew a fast-paced, high-energy environment was where she thrived. After graduating from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Jenna began working with various not-for-profit organizations in Vancouver, planning events and coordinating fundraising efforts. After joining the Yulu team in 2012, she knew she had found a place to implement her passion for meaningful work, project management, and, of course, to-do lists.

As Director of Operations at Yulu, Jenna oversees all aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations, managing the company’s finances, resourcing, and reviewing systems for efficiency and effectiveness. She also manages the human resources needs of the agency, from recruitment, to hiring and onboarding, to growth planning and professional development support for each Yuluite.

Jenna is proud to champion Yulu’s role as a pioneer in the impact communications space by leading Yulu’s B Corporation and Benefit Company certification efforts. She also currently serves as Secretary of the Impact Relations Institute.