May 11, 2018

We’re huge fans of podcasts and newsletters here at Yulu, so we figured, who better to pull together the ultimate social entrepreneur / purpose-driven innovators / impact-focused subscribers’ guide? Below you’ll find a few of the best social impact podcasts and newsletters.

We’re always looking for new podcasts, newsletters, and blogs to add to our list of favorites – we’d love to hear yours!

Social impact podcasts

  • Global GoalsCast: Global GoalsCast is a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organizations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world. The podcast attempts to make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals easier to understand, more relatable, and feel more attainable for every listener. Listen here.
  • Let’s Give a Damn, the Podcast: with the hope of not sounding like a walking advertisement for this podcast – if you’re not tuning in to Nick Laparra’s super sincere, dive-deep chats with ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’ you’re passing up something free, healthy and delicious. It’s like opting out of a handmade gelato on a hot, sunny day. Listen here. (Pst – be sure to check out Yulu PR’s founder, Melissa Orozco‘s episode).
  • NPR’s How I Built This: 30-minute interviews with entrepreneurs and changemakers. A few of our favorite episodes: Eileen Fisher, Dave Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, and Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia. Listen here.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review’s podcast: a mini social innovation conference per episode. Previous episodes have covered topics such as tackling cyber-hate, the role of philanthropy in democracy, and building opportunity within disadvantaged communities. Listen here.
  • Social Entrepreneur: Tony Loyd is a for Fortune 500 exec turned podcast host. Social Entrepreneur podcast tells positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions. Listen here.
  • Changemaker: Changemaker is a podcast for people with big ideas, who want their work to be meaningful, and who want to make the world a better place. Each episode features inspiring entrepreneurs starting social and environmental ventures. Listen here.

Purpose-driven newsletters

  • The Daily GOOD: Brought to you by GOOD Inc., the Daily GOOD will help you start off your day feeling positive and inspired. Subscribe here.
  • The Movement by Mic: The Movement tackles social justice issues head on. Subscribe here.
  • Purposeful Connections: Brought to you by Carol Cone, Purposeful Connections is a bi-monthly newsletter delivering industry insights, cutting edge research, innovation reports, and Purpose Collaborative member highlights. Subscribe here.
  • The Agenda by Impact Relations: Okay, we may be a little biased – The Agenda by Impact Relations is our monthly collection of stories from around the web that show how impactful communications drives behavior. Subscribe here.
  • Mashable Social Good: This newsletter shares positive progress for the greater good, and ideas that are shaping the future want to live in. Subscribe here.
  • Cause Marketing, the newsletter: subscribe to this do-good/make-it-better weekly digest and there’s no surprises as to what you’ll find. That’s not to say it’s boring or predictable. On the contrary – it’s as timely as your commuter paper. The difference is, you’ll feel positively optimistic after reading it, and if you work in PR or marketing, you might read something that will inspire your next campaign. Subscribe here.
  • Conscious Company Newsletter: This bi-weekly newsletter shares the latest on sustainable and conscious business practices, events and research. Subscribe here.

Do you agree with our list of the best social impact podcasts and newsletters? Tell us yours!