CLIENT NEWS: ZAG CEO Heads to Everest

We want to share the story about one of our clients Zag Group; on the eve of a huge product launch, the 30-year-old Vancouver native will leave his company for two months to scale Mount Everest.

Steve funds the climb and his equipment himself therefore all funds raised from the trip will go directly to charity. Beyond raising money for charity, Steve hopes that by leaving he will empower his team by both setting high goals and also demonstrating he trusts them. He also hopes that his trip will inspire them to set ambitious goals in both their career and personal life.

It’s been an absolute please doing the public relations for this company and most recently, sharing Steve’s journey and mission with Vancouver, international media and with the world, as he geared up for Everest…from CNNGlobal TV and Metro News to CTVCKNW and more, have shown interest and support in Steve’s expedition. It’s always a pleasure to do PR for non-profits and Yulu Communications wishes ZAB the best on this amazing journey!