MichyYou’d think that spending five days a week in an office from nine-to-five wouldn’t be a student’s first choice for how to spend her summer vacation. But when I came into Yulu PR’s big, bright, dog-friendly office for my interview, I knew that if I were to be offered a three-month research coordinator position, I would say yes.

At first it took some adjustment to get in the groove of a real working woman’s schedule, especially because I had to balance a restaurant job at the same time. I had to accept that as much as I had hoped to sleep in this summer, I got the better option of diving into the world of PR at a powerhouse boutique agency, gaining hands-on experience with writing, pitching, and landing media hits.

The top five things that I am taking away from my experience as a research coordinator are:
1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if it’s the second time you’ve asked the same question within the hour
2. When pitching, always be confident in your story; if you’re not why would the reporter be?
3. Make the effort to get along with coworkers, you’ll see them more than you see your family, boyfriend and dog
4. Be a sponge, soak up all of the knowledge humanly possible
5. Enjoy every minute of your internship

And lastly – a huge thank you to the Yulu ladies for being incredible and inspiring mentors, I hope to be as good at my future job as all of you are at yours.