January 6, 2012

Barely into the new year, we already have so much news to share. For starters, in late 2011, Yulu Communications and Yulu Marketing became sister affiliate companies. This change means great things for both parties: we will continue to collaborate on powerful campaigns when the opportunities present themselves but aside from that, Yulu Communications will dedicate 100 per cent of its time to developing and executing memorable PR campaigns. Likewise, Yulu Marketing will focus its energy on marketing campaigns.

On to bigger news, Yulu Communications has a new postal code! While many of you were sipping eggnog by the fire over the holiday break, we spent our break moving into our new office on Vancouver’s historic Granville Island. This new locale offers no shortage of creative inspiration, with artists on every corner and small- and mid-sized business owners in every direction.

The best part about our new location is our second boardroom – the seawall. Many of Yulu’s best ideas come to life when we take our brainstorms to the great outdoors. And coming in at a close second, our next favourite thing about our new location is the abundance of fantastic lunch options. We’re fairly certain we keep the legendary soup shop Stock Market, located in the Granville Island Market, in business!

Looking out the windows from our new Granville Island office, the future of Yulu Communications feels pretty bright right now. We’d like to extend a special THANK YOU to our clients, friends and family for their support in the last few months!