We at Yulu are the heart and minds behind Impact Relations, a new standard for authentic communications. Our “Guide to Impact Relations” blog series will explore what Impact Relations means today and how it has evolved over time, along with providing a framework for consulting, measuring, and communicating the impact of our communications strategies.

What is Impact Relations?

Stories have the power to drive behavior. That’s why Impact Relations was created, a discipline of communications designed to influence positive social and environmental change.

Impact Relations mobilizes communicators and organizations to drive action and advocacy through communications strategies.

Borrowing best practices from some of the leading impact-driven campaigns, the Impact Relations framework is for businesses and practitioners to reference when building campaigns. This framework outlines three core elements; Impact Consulting; Impact Assessment and Measurement; and Impact Storytelling and Strategic Communications.

This framework is not intended to create barriers to entry. This framework is designed to enhance impact. If your communications strategy results in positive social or environmental benefit, it’s Impact Relations.


The leading Impact Relations agencies on our watch list are: Cone Communications, Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose, Porter Novelli, Prosper for Purpose and Yulu PR. If you are an Impact Agency and want to feature on our website, get in touch at hello@impactrelations.org