Here at Yulu Public Relations, we work hard at making sure we’re successful at pitching our clients’ stories and we use whatever tools necessary to make it happen. We’d like to share an avenue that we have found to be rather convenient, while also garnering great media results for our clients – the Twitpitch.

What’s a Twitpitch?

A Twitpitch is the shorter, 140-characters or less, cousin to the regular pitch. Just like a regular pitch, the Twitpitch is a brief, compelling and a well-told story that directly links a company’s publicity needs with the media’s interest. The Twitpitch is quick, direct and straight to the point.

When is it appropriate to use a Twitpitch?

The Twitpitch is most appropriate for media who are active on Twitter, as well for pitching non-media, such as celebrities or influencers whose info is not publicly available. Another time we resort to Twitter is when we simply can’t find a more traditional point of contact for the individual we’re trying to pitch (i.e. phone number or email). Instead of giving up on contacting someone, do a quick Twitter search and if they’re on Twitter, think of how you can utilize the popular online tool for your benefit. Summarize that one-page pitch into 140 characters or less and click send!

What’s the best way to pitch a Twitpitch?

The best way to pitch someone via Twitter is by sending out a public tweet. Because Twitter doesn’t allow people to direct message others who are not already following them, pitching through a direct message most likely isn’t an option. Instead, type up a clever pitch that tells your company’s story and add “DM me if interested” at the end. This will capture the recipient’s attention and direct them to your inbox.

Yulu recently experienced success in securing a certain Real Housewives of Vancouver cast member to endorse one of our client’s products – a huge win for the organization we represent.

Give it a try and let us know if you have success!